Although we utilize weights and special resistance exercise equipment, we strongly advocate for minimal equipment use so that a client is able to go home and do exercises on their own without a big investment of space and money in equipment. Most functional performance is based on accurate and effective control of our bodies in a functional or sporting task, exercise machines are effective for isolating specific muscles for development but are limited in helping us to learn how to use muscle groups in functional and coordinated ways when performing whole body sporting activities or work related tasks. 

Alter G

Our facility features the very special Alter G (anti-gravity) Treadmill— a rare find in most facilities— great for building strength without putting extra strain on injuries (it’s like walking on the moon!)

Cost for private pay use.


We offer the Solaris Machine for ultrasound, light therapy, and IFC/premodulated and Russian/biphasic electrical stimulation.



For aerobic activity and strength-building we have the following equipment:

  1. Wall pulley weight system
  2. Knee extension
  3. Knee flexion
  4. Treadmill
  5. Elliptical trainer
  6. Arm and leg bikes
  7. Free weights and kettle bells
  8. Squat and bench press rack