The first today I came to this center, I was having terrible back pain which made it difficult to walk even half a block without pain, I could not stand, sit or even get out of bed without pain. The physical therapy exercises have helped me to be stronger and have more energy. I manage with less pain medication. It is so good to enjoy life without physical pain. Iam now able to walk, sit stand and even balance on one foot. I am 85 years old and will continue ot do the exercises as long as I am able to do so.   –  E.M.G. 

Body and balance center was recommended to me by my home health physical therapist as one of the best physical therapy offices in the area. I have found this to be true. They always challenge me to do my best. I remind myself to use their professional advice when I am away from therapy, especially at home. I am thankful for their time and patience.   A.E.F.  


My overall experience was “A plus”, I have gained more strength and movement and have an exercise program which I feel good about doing at home.  J.M. 

I can now walk with greater confidence, instead of being scared that I am going to fall and injure myself. Kirsten was wonderful and inspiring and listened to my concerns, fears and needs.  This means the world to me.   S.D.

After having pain for years, I went from level 8 pain in my head, neck and shoulder, to level 2 pain after several weeks of therapy. I have gained range of motion and the exercises I do are well tailored to my specific needs.  R.B.