Our Mission

Our team of highly educated physical therapists are here to support you. Whether you are an athlete, elder, or somewhere in-between, every client’s situation is different. Everyone has their own unique story. We want to hear your story because by understanding your injury within the context of your lifestyle, we are better able to build a specialized treatment plan that accommodates your needs. Our physical therapists work hard to create comprehensive treatment plans that give patients the tools to lead healthy lives long after they’ve left our office.


Our Purpose

We look at the whole picture, not just the injury. We work with our patients to help them build the strength and the confidence to tackle everyday tasks with ease. We work cohesively and productively to help our patients achieve optimal movement and meet their goals. We value our patients’ time and energy and we make our work together count. We want people to be able to move on with their lives pain-free. “When someone gets better, we’ve worked together,” says Jamie Guerra, PT. We strive to support the health and happiness of the community. Body + Balance Center believes in a compassionate and interactive approach to bodywork and healing. Our goal is to empower individuals. We are here to help people help themselves.